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Table 7 British regions ranked by confidence interval widths for estimated probabilities of between-farm association frequencies

From: Generating social network data using partially described networks: an example informing avian influenza control in the British poultry industry

Regions ranked by L a CI range for L b Regions ranked by M a CI range for M b Regions ranked by S a CI range for S b
Greater London 0.438 North East 0.132 East 0.065
North East 0.208 Wales 0.056 South West 0.069
North West 0.106 North West 0.048 West Midlands 0.074
Wales 0.103 East Midlands 0.044 Scotland 0.075
South East 0.092 Yorkshire 0.043 East Midlands 0.076
Yorkshire 0.089 South East 0.032 South East 0.092
West Midlands 0.074 East 0.027 Yorkshire 0.096
Scotland 0.072 West Midlands 0.023 North West 0.117
South West 0.069 Scotland 0.016 Wales 0.119
East Midlands 0.068 South West 0.015 North East 0.226
East 0.060 Greater London <0.001 Greater London 0.375
  1. aRegions ranked in order of priority based on confidence in predicted probabilities of large (L) or medium (M) between-farm association frequency (CI range ranked from highest to lowest), and small (S) between-farm association frequency (CI range ranked from lowest to highest).
  2. bThe 95% confidence interval range (upper bound - lower bound) for predicted probabilities of large (L), medium (M), and small (S), between-farm association frequencies.