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Table 1 PCV1- and mock-inoculated and their adjacent foetuses and results of PCR.

From: Outcome of experimental porcine circovirus type 1 infections in mid-gestational porcine foetuses

Sow no. Foetus no.a Inoculated with PCR resultf
S1 L5 NIb -
  L6c Mock -
  R1 CCL33 +
  R2 NIb -
  R3 NIb -
  R4 3384 +
  R5c NIb -
S2 L1 Mock -
  L2d NIb -
  R1 NIb -
  R2 CCL33 +
  R3 3384 +
  R4d NIb -
S3 L1e Mock -
  R1 CCL33 +
  R2 3384 +
  R3e NIb -
  1. a Foetuses were identified by their position in the uterus. L = left horn; R = right horn.
  2. Numbering is in sequence from ovary to cervix.
  3. b NI = not inoculated.
  4. c L6 and R5 were adjacent to each other.
  5. d L2 and R4 were adjacent to each other.
  6. e L1 and R3 were adjacent to each other.
  7. f PCR amplification of the Rep gene.