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Table 1 Comparison of primer specificity using reference strains of Mycobacteria commonly isolated from clinical samples.

From: Improved specificity for detection of Mycobacterium bovis in fresh tissues using IS6110 real-time PCR

  Conventional PCR Real-time PCR
Mycobacterium species IS6110a IS41/IS43b IS6110_T IS6110_T
M. bovis + + + +
M. terrae + +   
M. goodii + + +  
M. fortuitum   +   
M. kansasii     
M. avium subsp. Paratuberculosis     
M. wolinskyi + + + +
M. simiae     
M. peregrinum +    
M. intracellulare     
M. chelonae +    
M. avium subsp avium     
M. smegmatis     
  1. a [2]
  2. b [1]