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Figure 9

From: Isolation and characterization of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells from the gingiva and the periodontal ligament of the horse

Figure 9

RT-PCR. RT-PCR analysis for indicated genes in pellet cultures (P3) after induction of chondrogenic differentiation. Cell pellets maintained in non inductive medium were used for controls (here shown for C eP-MSCm, C eG-MSC, C eSc-MSC). Extracted mRNA from equine hyaline cartilage (ehc) was used as a positive control. Note, only eP-MSCm and eP-MSCap show expression of mRNA for collagen type 2. Length of amplicons: GAPDH 341 bp, Collagen I 219 bp, COMP 238 bp, Aggrecan 147 bp, Collagen II 159 bp.

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