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Figure 6

From: Development of a PCR Assay to detect Papillomavirus Infection in the Snow Leopard

Figure 6

Sequence comparison of the E6 and E7 amplification products and UuPV1 genome. The E6 (SL1_E6 and SL3_E6) and E7 (SL1_E7 and SL3_E7) amplification products obtained from the saliva of two snow leopards were gel-purified and subjected to bi-directional Sanger sequencing. The resulting sequences were aligned to the consensus UuPV1 genome (UuPV1, Genbank: DQ180494) using CLC Sequence Viewer 6. The sequences of the E6 and E7 genes in the UuPV1 genome are highlighted in cyan and the sequence length of each amplification product is indicated. Ambiguous nucleotides in sequencing reactions are designated by Ns. Nucleotides that do not match the UuPV1 genome sequence are highlighted in green.

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