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Figure 3

From: Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in the grey partridge Perdix perdix: outbreak description, histopathology, biochemistry and antioxidant parameters

Figure 3

Comparison of normal and mycoplasmal infraorbital sinus demonstrating the serious nature of pathology in M. gallisepticum -infected birds. Figure 3A: The infraorbital sinus of a partridge from the control group. The sinus is lined with a simple columnar epithelium (1). The sinus is surrounded by adipose tissue (2). H&E stain.

Figure 3B: The infraorbital sinus of a partridge infected with M. gallisepticum. The sinus is richly filled with a dense purulent exudate (1). The epithelium is mildly hyperplastic and the lamina propria is focally infiltrated by lymphocytes and plasma cells (2). H&E stain.

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