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Table 4 Deaths of cattle, by location type.

From: Demographics of cattle movements in the United Kingdom

Abbreviation Location type Deaths
SR Slaughterhouse (Red Meat) 28,195,725
AH Agricultural Holding 5,774,117
XX [Field Left Blank] 198,592
SM Slaughterhouse MP & Cold Store 130,063
LK Landless Keeper 41,506
HK Hunt Kennel 30,634
KY Knackers Yard 25,527
MA Market 6,954
CA Calf Collection Centre 2,467
EX Export Assembly Centre 798
CC Collection Centre BSE material 758
HB Head Boning Plant 287
IN Incinerator 160
AI AI Sub Centre 66
SW Slaughterhouse (White Meat) 43
SG Showground 23
PP Protein Processing Plant 9
CR Cutting Room 4
ET Embryo Transfer Unit 3
MP Meat Products Plant 2