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Table 2 Indicators in the AWI of the "Social interactions" category and the definitions used for rating and their maximum individual score.

From: An on-farm investigation of beef suckler herds using an animal welfare index (AWI)

Score a). Space allowance b). Grouping c). Rest areas d). Calving method e). Weaning method f). Outdoor access g). Grazing time (days per year)
  Slats Loose housing Tether systems       
  (m 2 /AWU) 1 (m 2 /AWU) 1 Movement of tether (m)       
3   > 7.5        
2.5   > 6.5        > 270
2   > 5.5   Family herd      > 230
1.5   > 4.5   Herd without bull      > 180
1 > 3 > 4 > 0/6/0.4 Same age
No regroup
  Separate pen
Visual Contact
Visual contact
All of the time
> 120
0.5 2<X2 < 3   > 0.4/0.3   Yes    Yes
> 50
0 < 2 < 4 < 0.4/0.3 Minimal
Regroup/age mix
No Separate pen
No visual contact
Visual contact
0.5     Frequent
Regroup/age mix
  In pen with other animals No visual contact   
  1. 1Animal Weight Unit (AWU); 1 AWU = 500 kg live weight. X2 represents the observed value (X) between 2 and 3 m2/AWU. In tether systems, the first figure refers to back and forth movements, the second to lateral movement. a). Refers to the space allowance; only one type of system is scored; if different systems were found on-farm, each system must be scored independently b). Family herd consist of suckler cows with male and female calves, heifers and steers of the same family and integrated bulls. The total social interactions score (column 1) equals to the sum of columns a). b). c). d). e). f). and g).