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Table 5 Comparison of GEE1 fitted models using QIC2 statistic

From: Factors associated with whole carcass condemnation rates in provincially-inspected abattoirs in Ontario 2001-2007: implications for food animal syndromic surveillance

Model Correlation Structure QIC
Negative binomial GEE2 Exchangeable 11328
  Non-stationary 11626
  2nd order autoregressive 11647
  Stationary 11664
  1st order autoregressive 11668
Poisson GEE2 2nd order autoregressive 12007
  Stationary 12056
  1st order autoregressive 12409
  Exchangeable 13605
  Non-stationary Did not converge
  1. 1Generalized estimating equation
  2. 2Quasi-log- likelihood under the independence model information criterion
  3. Comparison of QIC2 statistic values for negative binomial or Poisson models using a GEE1 approach to investigate the association between condemnation rates in Ontario Provincial abattoirs and year, season, animal class, price, year-animal class interaction and audit rating.