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Table 1 Mean fatty acid composition (expressed as the percentage of total fatty acids) of the semitendinous muscle in Rasa Aragonesa lambs for each feeding system1-2.

From: Effect of the feeding system on the fatty acid composition, expression of the Δ9-desaturase, Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha, Gamma, and Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 1 genes in the semitendinous muscle of light lambs of the Rasa Aragonesa breed

Fatty acid Feeding system SE
C10:0 0.26bc 0.27c 0.21ab 0.17a 0.020
C12:0 0.62a 0.63a 0.39b 0.28b 0.057
C14:0 5.72a 5.66a 4.03b 3.31b 0.349
C16:0 22.61a 22.66a 22.87a 22.54a 0.381
C16:1 3.04a 2.88a 2.81a 2.86a 0.113
C17:0 1.18a 1.18a 1.50b 1.701b 0.093
C17:1 0.89ab 0.84a 1.10bc 1.28c 0.080
C18:0 11.38a 12.06a 11.63a 11.678a 0.507
C18:1 n-9 34.12ab 33.57a 37.23bc 39.70c 1.203
C18:1 n-7 3.94ab 4.18b 3.93ab 3.48a 0.188
C18:2 n-6 6.43a 6.89ab 8.22b 7.35ab 0.526
C18:3 n-3 2.56a 2.58a 0.82b 0.65b 0.139
C18:2 cis9-trans11 1.17a 1.14a 0.55b 0.43b 0.074
C 20:0 0.09a 0.09a 0.07b 0.07b 0.005
C 20:1 n-9 0.09a 0.10a 0.10a 0.10a 0.006
C 20:4 n-6 2.28a 2.04a 2.39a 2.35a 0.208
C 20: 5 n-3 1.30a 1.16a 0.59b 0.54b 0.109
C22:4 n-6 0.08a 0.08a 0.17b 0.17b 0.013
C22:5 n-3 1.38a 1.26a 0.85b 0.81b 0.108
C22:6 n-3 0.86a 0.73ab 0.54b 0.52b 0.094
  1. 1Different subscripts differ with at least P < 0.05. SE is standard error
  2. 2 ALF: Grazing Alfalfa; ALF+S: Grazing alfalfa with supplement for lambs; IND-GRE: Indoor lambs with grazing ewes; and IND: Indoors.