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Figure 1

From: Monitoring of clinical signs in goats with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

Figure 1

Timeline of clinical progression in scrapie-affected goats. Each column of symbols for one animal represents a time point when an examination was carried out in this particular animal. Days after arrival refers to the days after transport to VLA Weybridge. Only the first animal (GZ1100, herd A) was a clinical suspect reported by the farmer whereas the other goats arrived without clinical suspicion as part of the herd cull (herd B). The latter goats displayed no apparent signs (G08-1475, G08-1396) or inconclusive signs of scrapie (G08-1447: head tremor, over-reactivity to handling, G08-1373: hind limb tremor) or were considered scrapie suspects [G08-1460: positive scratch test, repeated over-reactivity to auditory stimuli (hand clapping), G08-1430: positive scratch test] based on the short clinical assessment.

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