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Table 1 Date and content of main control measures enforced in France, Italy and Europe to control BSE.

From: Time trends in exposure of cattle to bovine spongiform encephalopathy and cohort effect in France and Italy: value of the classical Age-Period-Cohort approach

Date of implementation European measure Content of the measure Country concerned
August 1989 no Ban on the importation of MBM from UK France
July 1990 no Ban on the use of MBM* for bovines France
July 1994 no Ban on the use of MBM for ruminants France
August 1994 Decision 94/381/EC   EU members
June 1996 no Ban on the use of SRM** France
April 1997 Decision 96/449/EC Standards for batch processing in rendering systems EU members
January 1997 no Partial SRM ban from BSE-affected countries Italy
October 2000 Decision 2000/418/EC (replacing Decision 97/534/EC that was never enforced) Ban on the use of SRM EU members
January 2001 Decision 2000/766/EC Total ban on the use of MBM for farmed animals EU members
  1. * MBM, Meat and Bone Meal, ** SRM, Specified Risk Material