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Table 1 Parameters and values used for calculation of R0

From: Estimating the temporal and spatial risk of bluetongue related to the incursion of infected vectors into Switzerland

Symbol Unit Biological meaning Values Reference
m midge/trapping night Vector density (average) 1–584 [5]
a bite/day Vector biting rate 0.25 [15]
b1 successful bites/midge Transmission from vector to cattle 0.01 [28]
b2 %infectious bite/infected host Transmission from cattle to vector 0.9 [26]
r cattle/day Recovery rate of cattle 0.04 [17]
λ cattle/day Cattle death rate 0.00008 [17]
e   2.718 2.718 Universal value
μ vector/day Vector death rate 0.1–0.6 [29]
τ Days Extrinsic incubation period 4–28 [28]
  1. Symbols and their biological meaning used to calculate BT transmission values for Switzerland