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Table 3 Pedigree connection of the arachnomelia syndrome-cases

From: Syndrome of arachnomelia in Simmental cattle

pedigree link paternal maternal
SEMPER via EGEL 135 55
SEMPER via REXON 15 50
no link to common carrier 2 42
incomplete pedigree data - 2
Total 152 152
  1. The pedigree connection to the founder SEMPER (compare Figure 2) is given separately for the sire (paternal), and the cow (maternal) of the affected calve. They were listed separately for the two main lines, REXON and EGEL, that are progeny from SEMPER (3 and 4 generations away, respectively) and passed the mutation of the arachnomelia syndrome into the current population. Two maternal paths were not connected to SEMPER but to SENAT, the sire of SEMPER.
  2. * Both sires, EGEL and REXON, appear in the pedigree
  3. these two cases are considered as phenocopies