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Table 1 Gender, age, breed, use and reason for euthanasia in 15 horses used for Xtreme CT of the radius and tibia

From: Effect of age on bone mineral density and micro architecture in the radius and tibia of horses: An Xtreme computed tomographic study

Case number Age in years Sex Breed Use Reason for euthanasia
1 20 gelding Swiss warmblood pleasure cardiac disease
2 14 gelding Hungarian warmblood competition kissing spines
3 10 mare Irish warmblood competition back problem
4 21 gelding Thorouthbred pleasure ruptured ligament
5 17 gelding Swiss warmblood pleasure trauma
6 4 mare Swiss warmblood pleasure epiglottic entrapment
7 11 mare Swiss warmblood pleasure sarcoids
8 9 gelding Hannovarian warmblood competition hoof abscess
9 10 mare Wuerttemberg warmblood pleasure behavioral problem
10 15 gelding Dutch warmblood pleasure colic
11 7 mare Thorouthbred pleasure melanoma
12 18 gelding Dutch warmblood pleasure colic
13 11 gelding Franches-Montagnes pleasure colic
14 14 mare Franches-Montagnes blood mare intoxication
15 15 gelding Swiss warmblood pleasure ruptured tendon