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Table 3 Effect of bovine somatotropin administered 3 days before insemination on the proportion of cows pregnant after first service (Experiment 2).a

From: Pregnancy success of lactating Holstein cows after a single administration of a sustained-release formulation of recombinant bovine somatotropin

  Control bST p AOR CI
All cows 22/124 (17.8%) 32/132 (24.2%) NS 1.50 0.81 to 2.76
Successfully synchronized cows c 19/85 (22.4%) 26/105 (24.8%) NS 1.12 0.51 to 2.20
  1. a Abbreviations are bST; bovine somatotropin; AOR, adjusted odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; NS, non-significant
  2. b Data are the number of cows pregnant/total cows inseminated and, in parentheses, percent pregnant.
  3. cCows where progesterone concentration on the day of timed artificial insemination (Day 0) was < 1 ng/ml and progesterone concentration on Day 7 after TAI was ≥ 1 ng/ml.