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Table 1 Tests used in sheep TSE active surveillance between 2001 and 2006.

From: A descriptive study of the prevalence of atypical and classical scrapie in sheep in 20 European countries

Test code Test or combination of tests reported Share of total reported tests (%) Countries in which the specified diagnostic test was used
    Countries Number of countries
A Bio-Rad Platelia test and Bio-Rad TeSeE 50 BC, BE, CY, EE, FI, FR, GB, IS, IT, LT, NI, NL, NO, PT, SE 15
B Prionics Check Western test 23 CZ, DK, FI, FR, GB, IT, NL, SL 8
C Enfer-test 9 BC, DK, FR, IE, IT, LT, NI 7
D Prionics-Check LIA test 5 BC, CY, CZ, FR, IT 5
E Enfer TSE Kit version 2.0 5 CZ, FR, IE, LT, SL 5
F IDEXX HerdCheck BSE-Scrapie Antigen Test Kit, EIA 3 DK, FR 2
G Bio-Rad TeSeE Sheep/Goat test 2 CH, IS, NO 3
H Prionics-Check Western Small Ruminant test 1 CH, CZ, NL 3
I Other (Histopathology and/or Immunohistochemistry; Prionics-Check Western Blot modified; Prionics Check Western test & Prionics-Check LIA test in parallel; Prionics-Check Western Small Ruminant and Bio-Rad TeSeE Sheep/Goat test in line; Enfer test and Bio-Rad TeSeE in parallel; Prionics Check PrioSTRIP; Prionics-Check Lia Small Ruminant) 10 CH, CY, CZ, FR, IS, IE, LT, NI, NL, NO 12
  1. Tests associated with the detection of AS case(s) are in bold, tests recommended by EFSA are underlined.