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Table 2 House-level continuous variables available for analysis of Campylobacter colonization of broilers in Iceland

From: House-level risk factors associated with the colonization of broiler flocks with Campylobacterspp. in Iceland, 2001 – 2004

Variables within subsets Description Mean Median Minimum Maximum
House size      
Floor areaa (n = 792) Floor area of broiler house (m2) 418 350 75 1089
Cubic spaceb (n = 792) Cubic area of broiler house (m3) 1028 890 187 2400
  1. a Variable retained after the subset analysis (p ≤ 0.15) for inclusion in the comprehensive model.
  2. b Variable excluded from the subset analysis due to high correlation (r ≥ 0.8) with another variable in the same subset.