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Table 6 Salmonella strains used in the different trials

From: Comparison of culture, ELISA and PCR techniques for salmonella detection in faecal samples for cattle, pig and poultry

St 784/02 S. Enteritidis Faecal sample, goose Trial 1
St 332/04 S. Worthington Faecal sample, duck Trial 2
Positive control strain*
St 370/03 S. Livingstone Faecal sample, egglaying hens Trial 3
St 1130/98 S. Derby Faecal sample, swine Trial 4
St 830/03 S. Cubana Faecal sample, swine Trial 5
St 506/04 S. Typhimurium DT40 Mesenteric lymph node, swine Trial 6
St 77/02 S. Typhimurium DT1 Faecal sample, cattle Trial 7
Positive control strain*
St 31/04 S. Dublin Faecal sample, cattle Trial 8
St 998/03 S. Tennessee Mesenteric lymph node, cattle Trial 9
St 327/00 S. Typhimurium DT40 Faecal sample, swine Positive control strain*
  1. * these strains were used as a positive control strain in one sample each when analysing assumed salmonella-free faecal samples