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Table 1 Rabies viruses included in the phylogenetic analysis

From: A molecular epidemiological study of rabies epizootics in kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) in Namibia

ID Number Original ref Country Location Species Year Genbank
RV385 R12/9/88 Botswana Ghanzi Jackal 1988 AY330733
RV395 R11/8/88 Botswana Mochudi Dog 1988 AY330743
RV396 R13/12/90 Botswana Lobatse Domestic cat 1990 AY330744
RV447 R16/6/91 Botswana Maun Dog 1991 AY330752
RV471 R3/10/91 Botswana Maun Dog 1991 AY330753
RV472 R4/10/91 Botswana Maun Jackal 1991 AY330754
RV474 R7/9/91 Botswana Palapye Goat 1991 AY330756
RV481 R2/8/91 Botswana Orapa Jackal 1991 AY330761
RV1487 1380/05/03 Namibia Windhoek Kudu 2003 DQ194855
RV1488 1383/05/03 Namibia Windhoek Kudu 2003 DQ194856
RV1489 1418/05/03 Namibia Omaruru Kudu 2003 DQ194857
RV1490 1715/05/03 Namibia Okahandja Kudu 2003 DQ194858
RV1491 1784/06/03 Namibia Omaruru Kudu 2003 DQ194859
RV1492 1938/07/03 Namibia Okahandja Kudu 2003 DQ194860
RV1493 2161/07/03 Namibia Okahandja Kudu 2003 DQ194861
RV1494 2213/07/03 Namibia Omaruru Kudu 2003 DQ194862
RV1496 3258/10/03 Namibia Grootfontein Kudu 2003 DQ194863
RV1497 2295/09/00 Namibia Okahandja Jackal 2000 DQ194864
RV1498 2318/10/00 Namibia Khorixas Jackal 2000 DQ194865
RV1499 2363/10/00 Namibia Etosha National Park Jackal 2000 DQ194866
RV1500 2832/11/00 Namibia Etosha National Park Jackal 2000 DQ194867
RV1501 2847/11/00 Namibia Windhoek Jackal 2000 DQ194868
RV1502 1907/07/03 Namibia Grootfontein Jackal 2003 DQ194869
RV1503 2141/07/03 Namibia Windhoek Jackal 2003 DQ194870
RV1504 2259/07/03 Namibia Windhoek Jackal 2003 DQ194871
RV1505 2514/08/03 Namibia Etosha National Park Jackal 2003 DQ194872
RV1506 2627/08/03 Namibia Etosha National Park Jackal 2003 DQ194873
RV1507 2643/08/03 Namibia Etosha National Park Jackal 2003 DQ194874
RV1508 2702/09/03 Namibia Windhoek Jackal 2003 DQ194875
RV1509 2834/09/03 Namibia Grootfontein Jackal 2003 DQ194876
RV1510 2279/09/00 Namibia Oshikoto Dog 2000 DQ194877
RV1511 2329/10/00 Namibia Oshakati Dog 2000 DQ194878
RV1513 1711/06/03 Namibia Grootfontein Dog 2003 DQ194879
RV1514 1714/06/03 Namibia Rundu Dog 2003 DQ194880
RV1516 2001/06/03 Namibia Grootfontein Dog 2003 DQ194881
RV1517 2175/06/03 Namibia Okahandja Dog 2003 DQ194882
RV1518 3259/10/03 Namibia Omaruru Eland 2003 DQ194883
RV1519 2515/08/03 Namibia Etosha Hyena 2003 DQ194884
RV1826 NBA2 Namibia Etosha Bat-eared fox NK DQ194885
RV1827 NBA3 Namibia Etosha Bat-eared fox NK DQ194886
RV1829 NBA5 Namibia Etosha Jackal NK DQ194887
RV1830 NBA6 Namibia NK Dog NK DQ194888
RV1843 2693/80 Namibia Windhoek Kudu 1980 DQ194889
RV1875 993/80 Namibia Windhoek Dog 1980 DQ194890
RV1917 SK0006 Namibia Keetmanshoop Mongoose NK DQ194891
8708NAM 8708NAM Namibia NK Kudu 1987 U22632
9227NAM 9227NAM Namibia NK Jackal 1992 U22649
9365NAM 9365NAM Namibia NK Human 1983 U22859
RV996 643/00 South Africa Namaqualand Aardwolf 2000 DQ194892
RV1005 836/00 South Africa N. Cape Genet 2000 DQ194893
RV1010 897/00 South Africa N. Cape Meercat 2000 DQ194894
RV1817 20/90 South Africa Kernhardt Bat-eared fox 1990 DQ194895
RV1841 1070/80 South Africa Neudorf Jackal 1980 DQ194900
RV1929 168/01 South Africa N. Cape Bat-eared fox 2001 DQ194901
RV1933 756/02 South Africa N. Cape Bat-eared fox 2002 DQ194902
RV135 947/80 South Africa NK Kudu 1980 DQ194903
2900AFS 2900AFS South Africa NK Water mongoose 1991 U22861
8721AFS 8721AFS South Africa NK Human 1981 U22633
9362AFS 9362AFS South Africa NK Human 1988 U22860
9363ZAM 9363ZAM Zambia NK Human 1991 U22857
  1. Key: NK: not known