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Table 1 Epitope specificities of 4 mouse monoclonal antibodies used.

From: Rapid and discriminatory diagnosis of scrapie and BSE in retro-pharyngeal lymph nodes of sheep

antibody elicited with sequence epitope core by Pepscan analysis blocking ELISA
    89–107 145–177
12B2 bovine PrP97-115§ 93WGQGG97 yes no
P4 ovine PrP89-104 93WGQGGSH99 yes no
9A2 bovine PrP97-115§ 102WNK104 yes no
L42 ovine PrP145-163 148YEDRYY153 no yes
  1. †Mapping of antigenic sites in the ovine PrP sequence for 4 monoclonal antibodies by Pepscan analysis.
  2. Shown are shared sequences (core of epitope) of overlapping 15-mer antigenic peptides for antibodies 12B2, P4, 9A2 and L42 from Figure 1. Numbers refer to ovine PrP sequence Genbank accession nr. AJ567985.
  3. Blocking was 100% in all positive cases and 0% in all negative cases with peptide concentrations of ≥ 0.5 μg/ml and antibody concentrations ≤ 0.5 μg/ml.
  4. §Corresponds to ovine PrP sequence 89–107. Antibodies produced by [60]