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Table 2 DSLD-affected horses of other breeds

From: Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis as a systemic disorder characterized by proteoglycan accumulation

  age, sex, breed onset of symptoms clinical family affected legs patella heart PA aorta eyes other tissues ultrasound
1 18 mo, F thoro 6 mos rear legs no 4 mild ND ND ND + ND nuchal+ ND
2 5 y, M Han 16 mo forelimbs no 4 severe ND Cor + ND + R eye + nuchal+ front SLs
3 5 y, F, Appal 6 mos four sire 4 severe yes cor N ND + both+ nuchal, lung + 2/2 hind SLs
4 8 y, M thoro 6 yr rear legs sire sudden death 4 mild ND ND ND + - nuchal+ rear legs
5 16 y, M, Arab unknown years no 4 mild ND valve+ ND + - - ND
6 18 y, F quarter, unknown rear legs, lung sounds no 4 mild ND cor ND + both+ nuchal, lung + rear legs
  1. Age: age at necropsy; ND: not done; legs: SDFT, DDFT and SL; cor: coronary artery; PA: pulmonary artery; nuchal: nuchal ligament; Han: Hanovarian; Appal: Appaloosa; thoro: thoroughbred
  2. Mild, mod (moderate), severe: describes the average severity of pathology in examined leg tendons and ligaments; +: accumulation of proteoglycans in other tissues; -: no proteoglycan accumulation