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Table 3 Clinical signs, findings on physical and laboratory examinations and cause of death of the four bitches that died after surgical treatment of pyometra

From: Outcome of pyometra in female dogs and predictors of peritonitis and prolonged postoperative hospitalization in surgically treated cases

Bitch Case history Physical statusa Laboratory analysesb Cause of death
No. 1 Polyuria, polydipsia, bloody vaginal discharge, mild depression Hypothermia, mild dehydration, CRT 1–2 sec. Leucocytosis Unknown
No. 2 Anorexia, severe depression Severe dehydration, abdominal pain, hyperemic mucous membrane, CRT > 2 sec.   Severe peritonitis
No. 3 Anorexia, bloody-purulent vaginal discharge, mild depression CRT 1–2 sec. Anemia, increased ALP, increased lactate Ruptured spleen
No. 4 Vomiting, diarrhea, purulent vaginal discharge, severe depression   Leucopenia, increased ALP Unknown
  1. aCRT = Capillary refill time; bALP = Alkaline phosphatase.