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Table 4 Distribution of location of 2,124 tumours diagnosed using histopathology

From: Estimated incidence rate and distribution of tumours in 4,653 cases of archival submissions derived from the Dutch golden retriever population

Location Frequency Percentage
Head (excluding skin/adnexa) 308 15
Skin and adnexa 1148 54
Mammae 187 9
Gastro-intestinal tract 72 3
Endocrine organs 12 0.6
Genital tract 118 6
Hematoproliferative system 58 3
Urogenital tract 12 0.6
Heart and lungs 6 0.3
Central nervous system 6 0.3
Soft tissue, other 143 7
Other 54 3
  1. Head’ includes eye, nose mouth and sinus; ‘skin and adnexa’ includes skin and adnexa head, skin and adnexa (other), salivary gland, perianal gland, analsac, axial, abaxial, extra-skeletal; ‘gastro-intestinal tract’ includes stomach, pancreas, liver, bile duct, intestines; ‘endocrine organs’ includes adrenal gland, thyroid- and parathyroid gland; ‘genital tract’ includes male and female reproduction organs, ‘hematoproliferative system’ includes spleen, liver, thymus, lymph nodes.