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Table 3 Adapted international uniform response criteria for multiple myeloma

From: GS-9219/VDC-1101 - a prodrug of the acyclic nucleotide PMEG has antitumor activity inspontaneous canine multiple myeloma

Stringent Complete Response (sCR) Normalization of paraprotein
  Disappearance of any soft-tissue plasmacytomas
  <5% plasma cells in bone marrow
  Absence of clonal cells in bone marrow by PARR
Complete Response (CR) Same as above, without clonality criterion
Partial Response (PR) >50% reduction in paraprotein from baseline
>50% reduction in bone marrow plasma cells
>50% reduction in soft-tissue plasmacytomas, if present
Stable Disease (SD) Not meeting criteria for CR, PR or PD
Progressive Disease (PD) Increase of 25% from lowest response value in:
Serum paraprotein
Bone marrow plasma cell percentage (exceeding 10%)
Definite development of new bone or soft-tissue lesions
Definite increase in size of existing bone or soft-tissue lesions
  Development of hypercalcemia not attributable to another cause