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Table 1 Mean values and range (Max-Min) of each lung scoring system within each dichotomous clinical variable

From: Comparison of four lung scoring systems for the assessment of the pathological outcomes derived from Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniaeexperimental infections

Lung score Clinical variables
Mortality prior to the end of the study Fever Inappetence
Yes No Yes No Yes No
SPES 3.8a 1.2b 1.7a 0.1b 2.3a 0.7b
(4-3) (4-0) (4-0) (1-0) (4-0) (3-0)
LLS 17.6a 3.1b 6.9a 0.1b 8.1a 1.4b
(31.4-10.7) (20.9-0) (31.5-0) (1.4-0) (31.5-0) (7.7-0)
IA 53.3a 10.9b 22.3a 0.6b 26.2a 5.3b
(88.4-34.1) (54.5-0) (88.4-0) (5.9-0) (88.4-0) (32.3-0)
LW/BW 0.9a 1.1a 1.2a 1.0a 1.4a* 1.0a*
(0.9-0.9) (2.3-0.1) (2.3-0.1) (1.4-0.7) (2.3-0.7) (1.7-0.1)
  1. SPES: Slaughterhouse Pleurisy Evaluation System; LLS: Consolidation Lung Lesion Score; IA: Image analyses; LW/BW: Ratio of lung weight/body weight. Different letter in superscript means statistically significant differences within a given clinical variable (p < 0.05).
  2. *p = 0.07.