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Table 1 Overview over analysed material from animals in herds with acute outbreak of respiratory disease

From: Occurrence and phylogenetic analysis of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in outbreaks of respiratory disease in Norway

Sample category No. of herds sampled No. of animals analysed Method of detection
Paired serum 20 94 ELISA
Single serum 1 10 ELISA
Nasal swabs* 21 86 RTqPCR
BAL* 9 37 RTqPCR
TA* 7 19 RTqPCR
  1. The ELISA detected antibodies against BRSV, BCoV and BPIV3, and the RTqPCR detected RNA of BRSV.
  2. BAL broncheoalveolar lavage, TA tracheal aspirate. Nasal swabs* and TA* or BAL* from herds that were negative based on serology were not analysed.