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Table 1 Conserved and non-conserved amino acid substitutions in feline pancreatic GK

From: Cloning and characterization of feline islet glucokinase

Position Amino acid residue
  Feline GK Mammalian GKs
16 Ala Val
22 Asp Glu
28 Ala Glu
35 Trp Ser (R) or Arg (P)
42 Ala Asp
219 Arg Gln
239 His Gln
276 Val Met (R) or Leu (P)
280 Asn Ser
282 Leu Ala
317 Arg His
361 Ala Val (R) or Thr (P)
380 Tyr His
383 Ala Ser
426 Ile Ser
  1. Alignments performed using human, chimpanzee, rat, and mouse GKs.
  2. Conserved substitutions are shown in normal text.
  3. Non-conserved substitutions are shown in bold text.
  4. R = rodents (rat and mouse).
  5. P = primates (human and chimpanzee).
  6. This residue is Ala in rat, human, and chimpanzee; Val in mouse.