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Table 5 P-values for variables in the final logistic regression model for HH compliance (n = 10894)

From: Video observation of hand hygiene practices during routine companion animal appointments and the effect of a poster intervention on hand hygiene compliance

  Term P-value
Fixed effects Role <0.0001
Gender 0.0003
Presence of posters 0.5347
Recording day 0.0408
Room 0.0103
HH opportunity type <0.0001
Role*room <0.0001
Gender*HH opportunity type 0.0045
Room*HH opportunity type 0.0007
Random effects Clinic 0.0002
Appointment (by clinic) 0.0152
  Individual (by clinic and appointment) 0.0764
  1. HH = hand hygiene, *denotes an interaction term between the two variables listed.